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I offer individual and couples therapy sessions for adults. With the conviction that each of us is here for a reason, I believe this kind of investigation is essential for those who want to learn who they truly are and get to the source of their painful difficulties.


Sometimes we arrive at a place where the challenges become overwhelming to manage alone. Whether you are looking for support or to gain insight into a long standing relationship, therapy can help. Therapy, at its heart, is self healing in the care of a capable and trusted guide.


I believe the connection between client and therapist to be key to the success of this work. It is here we learn how to depend and trust another person, often for the first time. This is how adults learn to reparent and trust themselves. In this process, we enter into a more conscious relationship with ourself.


Psychological growth and healing is really a process of maturation and personal expansion that is tremendously satisfying. Finding your purpose and healing your identity makes room for self empowerment and creativity. 

I accept to work with people in an individual and committed contract where both people agree to show up weekly on a consistent basis. I do not accept a sliding scale and I do not work less than weekly with a new client. Sessions are offered at a current rate of $110/hour.

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