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psychodynamic psychotherapist near me
psychodynamic psychotherapist near me

I believe there is a power that naturally arises when women gather in a circle for the purpose of mutual healing. 


Women are beings capable of giving birth through our bodies. We are the ones who typically feed and nurture the newborn and young children. With that same kind of instinctual and intuitive knowing we hold the family and the community together. We are the gatherers, the ones who make the nest. Naturally there are millions of variations to this statement. But the majority of women have an innate gift for connection and relationship, for harmony, for sisterhood and healing. 


This can be enhanced when we sit together for the soul (or sole) purpose of listening and supporting one another. As the leader, my role is to be as clear and honest as I can, to guide individuals while they share their story. My aim is to encourage each one to express her truth while always maintaining healthy boundaries. In my experience, groups are powerful containers for personal growth as well as a joyful place for connecting. 


I conduct small women’s groups of no more than six members. I invite you to request more information if you would like to inquire about being a part of one of these groups.

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