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Intuitive Healing

psychodynamic psychotherapist near me


I believe each of us has within our unconscious mind a code to understand the challenges of our life. It is therefore our innate calling to find that purpose and enjoy a life of purpose and fulfillment. In uncovering that life we need helpers, someone who knows the territory and can show us the way. A skilled therapist can help you unravel those issues and develop self trust. Since most of us have been wounded in relationship, it makes sense that healing comes through right relationship with someone who can value your selfhood. 


One need not be in crisis to seek therapy. It is important, however, to periodically look at our lives to enhance, improve and heal what we know about ourself. Sitting with a person who has the professional skills, personal experience, and genuine compassion can aid in helping us see ourself more clearly.   


I have worked both as a Psychotherapist and a Registered Occupational Therapist in Contra Costa/Alameda counties. I hold a Master's degree in Somatic Psychology from JFK University School of Holistic Studies since 2006. As an Occupational Therapist I have served people of all ages and backgrounds for over 40 years with  physical and mental health challenges. As a Psychotherapist I offer private therapy sessions for adults and couples, as well as ongoing groups for women. 


My style is warm and humanistic. I strive to be a compassionate mirror while listening to what is important to you, always allowing you to set the pace of the work. If you would like to learn more, you are invited to explore the services here on my site and contact me to set up a free telephone interview at your convenience.  

psychodynamic psychotherapist near me
About Clare
My Methods

My Methods

Psychotherapy with me is basically an extended, thoughtful and friendly conversation. Some of the methods and techniques that I have found valuable additions to that conversation are as follows: 

psychodynamic psychotherapist near me

dream work | transactional analysis

I have found Jungian analyst Marion Woodman to offer a helpful approach to the understanding of dreams. 

Transactional analysis involves understanding the role that "child," "adult" and "parent" ego states play in our lives and relationships, for good or ill.

psychodynamic psychotherapist near me


As Flannery O'Connor said, "I write because I don't know what I think until I read what I say."

For that reason, some find that writing is a wonderful adjunct to the therapy process.

psychodynamic psychotherapist near me

energy work

Where indicated, I offer body scan meditation and relaxation breathing. 

psychodynamic psychotherapist near me

astrology | numerology | enneagram

For those who are open to esoteric tools in the quest for self understanding and self acceptance, I offer astrology as a useful adjunct to the work of psychotherapy. I believe it offers a blueprint for the soul's intentions for this lifetime.

 I have also found Pythagorean numerology to be helpful as well as the Enneagram of Personality.


“Clare is an incredibly warm, perceptive person, and she brings these qualities to her therapy work.  Her communication style is soothing and healing, all the while maintaining a direct, comforting presence.  She is an intuitive and natural guiding force, and I come away from every conversation with her grateful for her caring wisdom and professional knowledge.”

— Cass P.


psychodynamic psychotherapist near me

Private Sessions

For individuals, couples, and young and/or single parents offered virtually or in-person

psychodynamic psychotherapist near me

Women's Groups

I am currently interviewing for a

Women's Writing Group

on Zoom

psychodynamic psychotherapist near me


Virtual or in-person talks about the benefits of therapy for organizations that promote women's health and well-being

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